Top 14: “I will always be grateful to Toulon”, Alun Wyn Jones thanks Var club without whom he might have died

The 38-year-old Welsh giant, who is at the end of his career, was diagnosed with heart disease during his examination in Toulon. Without this move to the port, Alun Wyn Jones might have died, so he credits the Var club for helping him finish his career in style.

Toulon changed your life! Alun Wyn Jones spoke to the British newspaper this Thursday, despite his recent retirement. Telegram It’s about the end of his career. The Welsh legend then described the sobering discovery he made on his arrival at the Harbour. The Swansea native, hired by the Toulon club as a World Cup prankster, saw his medical exam turn into a nightmare. “I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation,” he says. This was discovered during a full medical examination, which included an electrocardiogram. The cardiologist detected this immediately. My heartbeat was like that of a horse galloping on six legs.

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Panicked, Jones returned to London the next day and saw a doctor. The doctor reassured him that the risk to his health was low but because his heart rate was consistently high, it would be important to intervene when his contract with Toulon expires in November. To prevent long-term complications. That’s why Dev decided to play for the “red-black”. “From a rugby perspective, we acted on medical advice,” he added. “There was a risk, but I was ready to play for Toulon. Anwen (wife, editor’s note) and I chatted as husband and wife and I said: “I’ve come this far, if I give up at least I’ll do what I love.”

“I can be a full-time father now.”

Looking back, the former Leek XV skipper considers himself lucky and hopes his experience over the last two years will serve as a warning and allow Wales players to undergo more regular cardiac examinations. “I was very lucky and I will always be grateful to Toulon for signing me. If they hadn’t offered me a contract, I might never have known about my heart condition. These four months in Toulon were as important for me, physiologically and mentally, as anything I had ever done before. This gave me a wake up call.

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The man, who started his career with a captain’s armband against ASM Clermont Auvergne and was away from the fields for a few months, can now enjoy his daughters with peace of mind. “Sometimes I forget how old I am because I have trained and played at the highest level for so long. I never saw myself as anything other than a rugby player. “I can be a full-time father now,” he concluded.

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