Toulouse. J.-Ch. Debu: “Not everything needs to be thrown away”

Last in the standings and the victim of incredible scenarios, TFC reserves are still searching for first success this season.

Again in Jura Sud, you were 2-0 ahead at half-time before everything collapsed…

We were in control of the match and within four minutes we lost everything. The week before, against Andrézieux, we lost at the last second on a 25-meter free kick from the middle of the glass. When we look at the situation, we see that we have left many points behind. It’s disappointing compared to the players’ investment. We hope it will work in our favor in this second half of the championship. We must build on what is well done because everything should not be thrown aside, quite the opposite.

What is your goal for this second half of the season?

Even if we hope to win the matches and meet again, we will try, above all, to promote this championship in terms of the integration of young people. When I say that not everything should be thrown aside, it is because I see the progress of players like little Edjouma, who turned pro in the Coupe de France last weekend. Of course we would like to be somewhere else, but we still have games to prove that we can win.

How do you evaluate the level of the championship?

Generally speaking, all teams are similar. They are well organized and very experienced. But what surprises me the most is the mentality of our opponents who never give up on their matches. For example, we took the lead five times in twelve days, but I never saw any opponent panic. These teams have experience that we find difficult to resist, but we can’t ask for more from players who have fully matured mentally and physically.

Tomorrow 18.00: TFC B – Alès (Stadium annex building)

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