Toulouse Olympique tries kickboxing

In preparation for the next Championship season, Toulouse residents traveled to Lavaur at the end of December to take part in a kickboxing session with the local club. A hybrid combat sport that includes elements of punching and kicking. It was developed by adapting fighting techniques from karate and boxing. The welcome in Lavaur BC was provided by Jordi Moreno, who has an impressive background: 2 European taekwondo titles, multiple Spanish kickboxing champion, vice world kickboxing champion in 2006. Two kickboxing clubs were established in Tarn, Rabastens and Lavaur. The latter was assisted by Djamel Senouci, world champion in grappling, a variant of wrestling (techniques of control, projection, immobilization and submission of the opponent with bare hands in standing or ground fighting), also a professional in kickboxing but also MMA.

The common point between rugby league and kickboxing is the presence of wrestling and combat, the Olympic team had the opportunity to try this discipline at the Lavaur Boxing Club under the leadership of Jordi and Djamel. During

This morning, Sylvain Houlès’ troops managed to discover the basics of kickboxing and grappling through high-intensity cardio training, split exercises, intense work on the punching bag, counters and grappling.

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