Toulouse player of 2023. TFC coach Philippe Montanier brought the Cup home after 66 years

The TFC coach was sacked by his management in June 2023 after winning the Coupe de France. Last year’s Ligue 2 title and 13th place in Ligue 1 made him the most successful coach in the club’s history.

“The club would like to express its sincere thanks to Philippe Montanier for his professionalism and determination, which allowed him to become Ligue 2 BKT champions and subsequently win the Coupe de France title respectively.” Thanks to this short press release Toulouse Football Club He announced that he parted ways with his coach. June 14, 2023.

For a few days now, President Damien Comolli’s decision has been made. Many media outlets, including La Dépêche, are reporting on this issue. Tensions with the club’s sports strategy officer and the president’s wife, Selinay Gürgenç Comolli, are being discussed.. TFC history and the sacking of Montanier assistant Michaël Debève at the end of 2022 could also weigh on the relations between the head coach and the management.

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While talking about the “underperformance” in the league standings (13th), the TFC President predicted a goal between 10th and 11th place. The club’s strongman also noted that Philippe Montanier “refused” to make a long-term commitment: “Last year we offered him a longer term than he accepted, but he told us he didn’t want it.” Make a long-term commitment. »

No one among the fans understands his departure

Despite winning the Coupe de France title and rising to thirteenth place in Ligue 1 after a record season in Ligue 2, Philippe Montanier was sacked. His monthly salary of around 30,000 euros and the remaining contract year until June 2024 give him a good starting envelope. Approximately 265,000 euros.
But among the fans, no one understands the departure of Philippe Montanier. In his two years on the Violets bench (2021-2023), the former goalkeeper of the club (1994-1997) entered the history of the club. The only coach to win two championships there, he is also one of the architects of this place’s rise to the top level.

The ram is marked and injured. He doesn’t speak for several weeks.
He chose “La Dépêche” to thank TFC fans in the middle of summer. “I would like to thank the fans in purple for their enthusiasm and unwavering support for the team that I had the pleasure of coaching for two seasons. They gave me such good emotions (…) »

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Philippe Montanier, who contacted La Dépêche at the end of December 2023, stated that he “opened a new page in TFC”. He doesn’t want to reverse the president’s decision to leave him. ” Not yet “. He explains that his desire to coach at the highest level remains and that he still follows professional football. “Ligue 1, but not specifically TFC”.
“I have fond memories of the enthusiasm of TFC. Montanier recalls that my colleagues and I were surprised and impressed by the enthusiasm. “The stadium was friendly, family friendly and there was real togetherness.”

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Including Ligue 1, Ligue 2 and Coupe de France matches, Montanier’s overall record is 46 wins, 19 draws and 22 defeats in 87 matches (169 goals scored, 99 conceded). With an average of 1.80 points per game (in all competitions), he is Toulouse’s No. 1 coach, ahead of Jacques Santini (1.48) and Pierre Cahuzac (1.46).

TFC is fighting for the Ligue 1 championship this season

While TFC has struggled for the Ligue 1 championship since his departure, they were in 16th place after 17 matches, with only 2 wins and 14 points in the standings. The only bright spot in the purple sky at the start of the season is the European Cup, won thanks to the Coupe de France victory. With 11 points from 6 matches, only 3 points short of 17 matches in Ligue 1, TFC qualified for the Europa League play-offs where it will face Benfica Lisbon.

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