Tour de France organization is coming to examine the Agenais route

After the imaginary start in Le Gravier on July 12, runners will complete a small tour of the town. So are our boulevards in good condition?

Important meeting with the organizer of the Tour de France ASO in the Agen town hall this afternoon. Those selected will indeed receive one of the members of the team dedicated to the departures and on July 12 we will discuss the launch of stage 13 Agen/Pau. Participants in this meeting will then head to the field to inspect the starting area, then head to the small indoor circuit in Agen where the peloton will pass.

The imaginary start will be held opposite Le Gravier on July 12 at around 12.30. The starting line will also be marked in front of the Subway restaurant this January 12 (D-Day minus 6 months). Those wearing the jerseys on July 12 (yellow, green, polka dots, white) will start as leaders, followed by the peloton. Runners will head towards Rouquet and turn onto Scaliger Boulevard. They will then pass by the station and go to Sylvain-Dumont, Place du Pin, Cours du XIV-Juillet and Boulevard de la Liberté. They will cross the Garonne over the stone bridge and then Le Passage-d’Agen. The real start will then be given in advance on the ring road that runs behind the Walygator amusement park.

This route will be inspected this Thursday, the aim is to check the condition of the road and identify possible obstacles that need to be overcome or removed.

The Tour de France is of course an important event and can now be seen in public. Posters are already placed in the city, provided by the organization and specifically for each of the cities of departure or arrival.

171 km long

Before tackling the Pyrenees, there will be an “intermediate” stage (171 km) from Agen/Pau, as Tour boss Christain Prudhomme presents: “Lot-et-Garonne offers beautiful balconied roads at the start of the stage. Teams of sprinters who have studied the course carefully “They will be keeping a close eye on the breakaways, who won’t be surprised by the day’s escapes if they time their efforts right, but on rough terrain as we approach the finale, the climbs of Blachon or Simacourbe (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) could put the finishers among the emperors in a less comfortable position.”

The eagerly awaited Tour’s passage through Agen revives a very old story. Runners had actually passed the city on the first Grande tour (the Toulouse/Bordeaux stage in 1905). The 111th edition returns to a city completely devoted to its cause!

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