Union continues benchmarking match

Berckois was the first to be surprised by the magnitude of the defeat against Union Tarbes/Lourdes; The biggest defeat (86-68) was suffered at the beginning of the season during an always intense derby in Loon-Plage. Stéphane Dao, coach of the Bigourd team, was very cautious before the match: “It is never easy to win at Berck when you have a crowd pushing your team. What we achieved for my players is a very good performance because, despite the ranking, Berck has never lost by a significant margin. This is the attitude and especially the spirit “It is a reference victory in terms of its situation.”

Team spirit

Of course, we could argue that Calaisiens’ previous defeat in Toulouse relegated them to the bottom group of the 2nd stage and their motivation was affected. However, we prefer to say that it was the quality of Tarbo-Lourdais that cracked Berckois in the 2nd half.

Coach Dao is also completely in this direction: “Berck came back to 4 points in the first half. I did not feel that my team was falling apart, but in other situations they could have lost control. For me, this was a reference match in terms of performance and team spirit. All the players who came brought something. And they all brought something to their own “A match like this was very enjoyable for coaching because the players managed to maintain the lead for 40 minutes and this ensured that we did not lose any of our brilliance. And when we are better in Attack, it allows us to make the difference. That is what happens.”

We imagine the long return journey on the bus was enjoyable. The five-day ceasefire will of course be welcomed, but the resumption on 31 December will be facilitated before the Challans are accepted in Tarbes on Friday 12 January.

Balanced balance sheet

Meanwhile, Birlik is in the middle of the table with a balanced score (9 wins, 9 losses).

Nothing is set in stone yet, but four victories at home (Challans, Les Sables Vendée, Poissy, against Vitré) and a victory in Toulouse, for example, will secure the middle group. Unless they think of the goal of getting positive results in U’boys, Chartres, Tours and Loon… The squad will be strengthened with Bryan Coudray’s return after knee surgery and the Chambre-Coudray duo can have very bad results…

But it’s time to open the gifts we found under the tree. The Union victory at Berck was the first…

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