“US Albi is on the right track” for President Ali Rachedi

US Albi’s first team, which plays in R3 during the break, is in second place in the standings with one match remaining. President Ali Rachedi assesses the situation mid-season.

What is the mood of the club in the middle of the season?

We are satisfied. If we win our last match, we will be first with 1 point difference. There was only one match we won. The spirit is good, there is a good dynamic. The players have real values, they stick to training, everyone supports them. We are trying to do everything necessary on our own behalf. It’s like they’re in a professional club. We are very good in all categories at the youth level. Only 16 year olds are in trouble. Today, we provide 50% of the department’s selections.

What are your end-of-season goals?

The purpose of the front page is to upgrade to R2 (original equipment only, Editor’s note). If we don’t rise, we can’t develop. We were hoping to go with the 16 year olds from the teens but we were too late. After all, we need to move to the 16 age category. Otherwise we will lose our children.

How many licensees are there today?

We have 356 licensees. Due to our lack of educators, we limited this to one team per category. There is no point in parents controlling children. We put players in the best conditions possible. What we cannot get, we direct to other clubs with which we have good relations, such as Sequester.

What are the changes this year?

We removed the 18-year-old team. In order to build something with the club’s youth, the decision was made to integrate them into the senior group. The best game is in one, the others are in two. As a result, very few people accepted the challenge.

What about in terms of equipment?

This year, we invested in a second minibus with the support of the federation and our partners. There are fewer and fewer parents who will take their children. This gives us two minibuses driven by licensed executives. This allows us to manage the weekend better.


These are always the same leaders. We lack volunteers or people involved. We are also experiencing problems in the training field. The Rigaud annex has lawn and lighting issues. But otherwise, we’re doing pretty well looking elsewhere. We have a great pride of place.

Are we heading towards a US Albi revival?

The club is on the right track. We’re getting our old partners back. His financial situation is quite healthy. There is seriousness and stability. We are trying to move forward now. There are so many cool things we found. For example, we dressed all the kids in the club. There is a created state of mind. But it is not won, we must continue the fight.

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