US Revel: “It didn’t seem like it was the same sport…” Revelois returned to the title a week after the PSG match

Six days after facing Paris Saint-Germain in the 32nd final of the Coupe de France, US Revel returned to the R1 title last night at US Seysses-Frouzins.

From the sold-out Pierre-Fabre stadium in Castres to the Jean-Lassalle sports complex in Frouzins, a few degrees below and with a handful of spectators, the US Revel has changed size once again. This time, the Revel team returned to their daily lives in Zone 1, less than a week after their 32nd final against PSG in the Coupe de France.

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Maxime Zahil warned during the warm-up, “We will not leave here without taking anything.” The playmaker’s words, happily wearing Kylian Mbappé’s jersey, were heard by his teammates. US Revel consolidated its position as the leader of Pool B, leaving the Toulouse region with three new points, thanks to Jean Boyer, a real surface fox, who was the only target of his number 9.

“I was afraid of returning to reality”

But not everything was easy for the Revel team. With a few more hours on his clouds, Revélois found his way back to work and training during the day on Tuesday. “The players were pretty tired from Sunday’s meeting. It was a fun session for the players to come together and have fun together in training again. There was a little more work on Thursday,” said Cédric Garcia, the club’s sporting director.

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Having been defeated by physical blows and shots at the beginning of the match, the visitors came very close to conceding the opening kick after a few minutes of play, without any major misses from the opponent. President Didier Roques said: “We started the game very badly, we were excited at the back and it was not there. Logically, Seysses had the ball in his hands and was dangerous. I was afraid to come back to reality.” “We were able to respond, score at the right time just before half-time and stay strong afterwards. In the end, our victory was not stolen,” manager Nicolas Giné summarized.

Head full of memories

“Today was nothing like last week, it didn’t seem like it was the same sport,” laughed Cyril Garcia, the heroic goalkeeper of the 32nd team. A victory that underlines the strength of a group, a group of friends who do not want to forget what they experienced last Sunday. Winger Pierre Ritter, who wanted to tell his two-month-old baby about this, said: “Memories begin to accumulate at home among newspapers, photographs and jerseys. I have mine and it remains as a collector’s item.”

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“I didn’t get off the cloud,” admitted his mother Babeth, who was in the stands with a special Revel-PSG scarf around her neck. “What we experience when you become a parent is magical… It’s a source of great pride when you experience it. When you see it on TV, you say to yourself, ‘Fireworks, that’s your son!’ you say. “This is truly remarkable,” he continued after the victory, openly admitting that his son will join his teammates in the coming days to get a joint tattoo on his hip referencing this historic match.

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