Vic-en-Bigorre. Tennis and padel on the general assembly menu

An exercise in associational democracy is the legal general assembly of one of the historic clubs in the Route de Pau region, the Vicquois Tennis Club (TCV), today the “Antoine-Ménoni Sports Complex”. With the oval rugby ball (today USV other clubs and athletes participated, the bowlers or petanque players of the Libre Boule Vicquoise or the walkers, trail runners, joggers, cyclists of the “Mille Pattes Vicquois”.

Fabienne Lahens from the Hautes-Pyrénées Regional Tennis Committee also took to the podium at the TCV general assembly chaired by Frédéric Avercenq; legal practice involving the presentation of balance sheets closed by the festive observance of a common meal.

* From one activity to another.

A “positive” sporting record, with the number of licensees held at 221, including 88 children; A dynamic tennis school thanks to the quality education provided by Sébastien Le Gall; satisfactory competitive sports results among youth and adults and… hosting the summer tournament with a record number of participants!”

The development of the discipline was confirmed by padel equipment and two courts; a successful, intergenerational, mixed event, which led to the opening of a private school with Nicolas Jomé in September 2023. A sports development that Nicolas provides, in parallel with Sébastien in tennis, with group lessons, individual lessons, courses and thematic tournaments every Saturday. A real success with only one drawback, which also affects sports activities; climatic hazards that make courts less passable.

In the quality of the Padel offer, do not forget the “online reservation of courts via the TEN’up platform and the Padel gift voucher from the Vicquois Tennis club, which will offer hours of Padel that everyone can use as they wish”.

At the table of TCV leaders, we will not neglect to thank those who participated in this development, whether the federal sports authorities or local authority institutions such as the commune and the municipality, for their material and material support; of course the course calendar, events at the Vic and the volunteers and leaders who support the club by taking action on the go.

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