VIDEO. Football: cinema, water park, themed evenings… Neymar’s crazy trip on the Brazilian beach

Neymar and his fans started their journey. Leaving Santos on Tuesday on a three-day journey to victory on a massive boat off the coast of Brazil, the Brazilian will party with thousands of people who have paid top dollar to live the experience in an original way.

He announced on his social networks last May that it will indeed happen, the famous “Ney Em Alto Mar” He left Santos at 18:00 on Tuesday, December 26th. Despite the surprising concept, thousands of people did not hesitate to take out their checkbooks to experience a very rare adventure dreamed of by the Brazilian star and his relatives. All these beautiful people are getting ready to go on a three-day cruise off the coast of Brazil on a huge boat called “MSC Preziosa”. The holiday cruise will arrive south of Rio on Friday before returning to the 31-year-old dribbler’s hometown.

The schedule for these three days will be simple. Party, play casino and do all the activities on the boat. The cruise’s official website promises “three days and three nights of spunk and joy, celebrating everything our Ney loves most off the court.”

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Of course, the organization has already organized three themed evenings. one white, one disguised and one tropical. During the rest of the time, passengers will be able to enjoy the luxurious facilities on board, such as the casino, bars, souvenir shops, game rooms, bowling alleys, 4D cinema, water park, sports, spa and performance halls.

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Activities will be organized throughout the trip. Concerts will be held with important names of the Brazilian music world. Neymar will come to meet the public on certain evenings and events. Passengers had to pay between 1,000 and 6,000 euros to board this original ride.

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But Neymar wouldn’t suit the party. The former PSG player, who was transferred to Al Hilal last summer for a “modest” sum of 90 million euros, was seriously injured in the match played between Brazil and Uruguay. The 2026 World Cup qualifying No.10 underwent surgery the following month for a ruptured cruciate ligament and meniscus in his left knee. He has started a long rehab and will probably not play again this season.

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