VIDEO. NBA: “I’ve never seen this”: Victor Wembanyama gets injured during warm-up and his team suffers another defeat

The fiasco continues in Spurs, which suffered its 24th defeat of the season. There was a new disappointment for Victor Wembanyama’s team, who was injured during the warm-up and could not play in the match. Number one draft pick injured his ankle by stepping on a ball boy’s foot

Victor Wembanyama will not be of much help to his teammates, who suffered another defeat against Dallas Maverick (144-119) on Saturday, December 23. The French player, who was injured during the warm-up, remained on the bench throughout the match.

This was the 2023 draft pick’s second straight game away from the field; He could not face Milwaukee at the beginning of the week due to pain in his right ankle.

aggravated injury

Victor Wembanyama, who was ready to return to play on Saturday 23 December, saw the warm-up session end quicker than expected. The Frenchman, who is 2 meters (20) tall, ran towards the basket, then moved towards the edge of the court and crushed the foot of a ball boy. A gesture that revived the pain already present in his right ankle. An unnecessary injury that stunned his coach Gregg Popovich: “I’ve never seen that. You see the video, you don’t believe it.”

Did Wemby sit out the game after stepping on a Mavs employee during warm-ups?

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 24, 2023

But still, there are real consequences. Victor Wembanyama received treatment in the locker room and is expected to return to the field. This was done without taking into account the decision of his coach, who preferred to leave him on the bench so as not to worsen his situation. “If it had been a playoff game, I probably would have put him on the court. I chose to be careful. He wasn’t very happy about not playing,” says Gregg Popovich.

Victor Wembanyama will now try to recover during the holidays. Next game: The day after Christmas, Tuesday, December 26, against the Utah Jazz.

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