VIDEO. Rohan Dennis suspected of killing wife: Accused ex-runner still able to stay home with two children

The former professional, who was accused of “manslaughter” after his wife Melissa Hoskins died after being hit by a car, returned to the marital home with the couple’s two children, Australian media have revealed.

A sneaky look between the entrance door of his Adelaide home and a vehicle. Rohan Dennis, 33, was filmed by Australian television channel 9News on Wednesday, January 3, two days after he was charged with “manslaughter” following the death of his wife Melissa Hoskins.

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The young woman, herself a top cyclist, was hit by a pickup truck on December 30. She died from her wounds. The person driving the vehicle is believed to be her husband, Rohan Dennis.

#SPECIAL: Rohan Dennis, charged over the death of his wife Melissa Hoskins, is alleged to have been the driver of the car that hit the Olympian near their home in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. #9News


— 9News Adelaide (@9NewsAdel) January 2, 2024

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Rohan Dennis did not say a word to the Australian media. However, the incident that drew a reaction in the country was the presence of the couple’s two children in the same family home. Those who have been living like this for a few days with their father, who is suspected of killing their mother.

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Australian media became aware of their presence late this Wednesday morning, when two children left the house with the support of a friend and got into a vehicle that took them away from the house. This was a few minutes before Rohan Dennis appeared.

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How can the old yellow jersey of the 2015 Tour stay with its children? The explanation for this is that he paid his bail at the end of his detention period. By agreeing to pay what we expect to be a significant sum, the Australian justice system also accepts that Dennis will not commit further offences.

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