VIDEO. TFC-PSG: Amid enthusiasm and demands, Toulouse fans set fire to Saint-Pierre Square

On Wednesday, January 3, about a hundred members of the “NVDRS” group and Toulouse fans gathered in Saint-Pierre Square to watch the Champions Cup match between TFC and PSG.

Starting at 19.30, a cloud of red, white, black and purple smoke moved from La Daurade towards Place Saint-Pierre in Toulouse. To the rhythm of the fireworks, about a hundred supporters of the ultra-Indian Tolosa group ignited the stairs leading to the docks on the banks of the Garonne.

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A few minutes after start Football match between TFC and PSG On Wednesday, January 3, the people of Toulouse joined their team in singing support songs for the Champions Cup.

At Chez Tonton and la Couleur de la Culotte, fans filled the tables not only to watch the match, but also to express their dissatisfaction. “I wanted to go watch the match in Paris, but when I saw Indians boycotting“I decided to come to Saint-Pierre Square at their request, wearing TFC’s colors,” said 18-year-old Baptiste.

A match not on neutral ground

In fact, the match between the winner of the championship and the winner of the Coupe de France was scheduled for August in Bangkok. However, the competition was finally held after Thailand canceled it At the Parc des Princes in Paris. Fearing that this situation will arise, 22-year-old Thomas criticizes: “We made fun of ourselves, we are not on neutral ground. We could have played this match in Clermont-Ferrand, for example, but no. The Professional Football League made this organizational choice.” It will provide an advantage to the opposing team.

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The fans’ demands did not support their hopes that TFC would win. Before the match started, 27-year-old Damien predicted Toulouse would first draw and then win on penalties: “If we win like this, we’ll party all night.” After the two goals scored by PSG in the first period, the enthusiasm gradually diminished.

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