Villefranche-de-Rouergue. 19 young people competed in the club tournament

On Wednesday, December 20, the 13th Tournament (Life Table Tennis) organized by the Villefranchois Ping-Pong Club took place. Free event for the Table Tennis school, open to youngsters from Benjamin to juniors as well as players from neighboring clubs. Lots of prizes to all participants. The event brought together 19 players in the multi-purpose hall of the Tricot gym. The 13th tournament (Long Live Table Tennis) was won by Villefranchois player Nicolas Isnard, in a beautiful final against Sarah Calado. Mathias Faugières is in 3rd place and Elric Mendes is in 4th place. Maruis Alibert’s victory ahead of Baptiste Moly in the consolation photo. Dylan Crantelle took 3rd place and Elyas Hama Vinaccio took 4th place.

Tournament results

1. Nicolas Isnard; 2. Sarah Calado; 3. Mathias Faugières; 4. Elric Mendes; 5. Damien Laurent (PPCapdenac), Rubin Chauveau; 7. Théo Patrave (Ping Club d’Olemps), 8. Augustin Barthés. 9. Maruis Alibert (1st consolation), 10. Baptiste Moly (2nd consolation), 11. Dylan Crantelle (3rd consolation), 12. Elyas Hama Vinaccio (4th consolation), 13. Ignace Rollet, Arnaud Alet, Léonard Valette, Milan Hollevoet; 17. Jules Fleuret; Mewen Bernis; Nael Daamache.

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