Villefranche-de-Rouergue. Immersion, discovery and festivity in Germany

Thanks to the participation of their German teacher Sarah Lequemener and the uninterrupted support of their families, secondary and high school students benefit from intensive cultural exchanges with German correspondents: 3 months of bonding in families and high schools for older children, an expedition to Bavaria…

Do you know ? Multikulti is an abbreviation for “Multikulturell”, a German term used to characterize the coexistence of various cultures in a society. And it was actually a change that was in question for the 42 students from Francis Carco college and Raymond Savignac high school who set out from Regensburg to meet their reporters… “We set off on December 10-18, the journey took longer.” until 7 p.m., but still the students showed that they could lead by example!” excites Sarah Lequemener, who has been preparing for this trip for 2 years together with the site’s reference professor Margit Ruhfaß. The expedition was also joined by secondary school French teacher Laurence Calmel, high school English teacher Christophe Laurens and Vocational high school English teacher Pastry teacher Stéphanie Billa also attended.

Because if you want to barter, you can also do it in gastronomy and check out how döner (kebabs), merguez, Christmas logs, Weihnachsplätzchen (star-shaped Christmas cookies) and gazelle horns come together!

But at the same time – it requires culture! – was to visit the old city, whose historical heritage is protected by UNESCO. “We were warmly welcomed by the mayor of Regensburg, wandered through the Christmas markets, explored the Bavarian History Museum, enjoyed a guided tour of the castle of the Thurn und Taxis family (the family of the inventor of the Post Office) and visited Munich. To end our stay, a very friendly evening “It allowed us to introduce ourselves to Bavarian music and dances!” Finally, full immersion in local families and activities: swimming pool, skating rink, laser game, tobogganing on the Czech border… and a lasting friendship that began long before the trip, through podcasts, letters and videos, who knows what German correspondents will say in April 2024′ The next step is with the arrival of te.

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