Villeneuve. Sports: Resume at the weekend after a nap break

As for the basketball club, the resumption of the championship is scheduled for January 13.

Last Saturday, January 6, the young basketball players of Villeneuve, Villefranche and Martiel returned to school in the 3×3 tournament held in the Villeneuve gym. 7 teams, boys and girls, competed with each other. This friendly meeting gave the players and parents the opportunity to have a friendly time.

This was also a special moment as the U13M team received jerseys financed by two sponsors “confort 3000” and “La Chèvrerie du petit compostelle”. The basketball club did not forget to sincerely thank the two directors of the above-mentioned companies, Aurore Vallon and Josselin Barroso; It was true that without their help nothing would have been possible…

OAF: Encouraging recovery for group A seniors

The senior group A traveled to Luc-Primaube on Sunday afternoon. The winter weather and wind surprised the players. Each team will have a halftime break. Local players started the match well and created clear positions. Since the opponent only made quick attacks, the OAF goalkeeper kept the game well and Bertaina scored in the 30th minute. Against the wind in the second half, the local players followed instructions and created opportunities that unfortunately did not materialise, and they were “punished” for a corner in the 80th minute. There are a lot of positives to take from the first game.

Group B took the favorite team of the climb, Onet 3. In a beautiful football match, after 20 challenging minutes, OAF players gained the upper hand and matched their opponents. Unfortunately, the team lost a high ball and conceded a penalty in the 40th minute. The second half was very balanced and the young players managed to create many positions, but they conceded the second goal in extra time. We will remember his mood, attitude, determination and desire to come back against a very good score. Onet team. This good performance will be confirmed against Combes next week.

The 17-year-olds, who were exempt from the first round of the cup, played a group 1 friendly match with Lot’s R2 team traveling to Marivalois club to prepare for their first match in the region next week. Despite complex terrain, the team managed to stay together and adapt their game to suit the terrain. He continues his progress… and wins 5-4 (Scorers Hugo Rito, Leo Cazes*2, Renaud, Yanis).

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