XIII Limouxin at Entraigues for the Lord Derby Cup

Blanquetiers finished the first leg in 3rd place.

After what could have been a more complicated first leg for the XIII Limouxin, who first had to digest the departures of nearly ten players in the off-season, but also deal with an infirmary that continues to fill up, the results are generally positive. The Blanquetiers are just two points away from Albi as they finished third in the standings.

Apart from Carcassonne (sensible defeat) and Avignon (poor performance), the team won all their other matches, especially with a very effective defence.

The break was long but should prove useful for an XIII Limouxin who may find his infirmary a bit empty when training resumes this week.

Because, This Saturdayat 15 A few hours later, the Grizzlis will return to competition with a round of 16 in the Cup at Elite 2 team Entraigues, who currently occupy the penultimate place in the standings.

Judge Miloudi leaves Limoux

Contributing to XIII Limouxin’s good behavior in the first match, Hakim Miloudi attracted the attention of London Broncos, who were recently promoted to the Super League, and therefore will not be able to finish the season with Blanquetiers. He joins the high level of competition he has previously experienced with both the Airlie Birds and Toronto Wolfpack.

cock-a-doodle Doo

Lauriane Canet is now part of the French women’s team and after their great victory against Wales, it makes sense that she has been selected once again for the next training course, which takes place this weekend. Ornon.

Keser also

U15 and U17 teams will compete in the French Cup on Saturday, 27th. next January the three-club Entente will face Garolot in the 1/8 final : Villeneuve, Trentels and XIII Gascon. U19s will face Albi in the quarter finals on the 9th and 10th weekend. next March.

Grizzgirls will return to competition on Sunday 14 January, with a difficult journey to the Catalans of Saint-Estève/XIII Catalan, first in the group.

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